Leadership: 5 Best Practices

There’s a difference between a leader and a dictator.

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Quote of the day -

"Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths."

-John Peter Zenger

The Importance of Leadership

Under proper leadership, especially in business — people usually work 67% harder.

The reason why? Because leaders who can properly empower and motivate a team create a culture that is like no other.

I’ve seen leaders who lead with their inspiring words, and I’ve also seen leaders that say few words and lead by example.

But both leaders have something in common, it’s the genuine connection that they create with their team.

When I say ‘genuine’, I don’t mean buddy buddy… I mean authentic.

Raw truth.

Raw emotion.

Whether you like hearing it or not.

You really see a type of self sacrifice in sports. Not only are you working hard for the people to your left and right, but also for the person leading you into battle.

There’s something about these people that make you want to give it your all.

To really push and strive passed your conceived limits.

5 Best Leadership Practices

  1. Visionary Leadership: 

    At the heart of remarkable leadership lies a clear and compelling vision.

    A true leader inspires by painting a vivid picture of the future.

    You should be able to create the goals, and the map to get there.

  2. Empowering Others: 

    The finest leaders understand that their success hinges on the success of their team.

    Empowering others involves means creating an environment where every member feels valued and capable.

    Delegating responsibilities, providing autonomy, and acknowledging achievements contribute to a culture of empowerment.

  3. Effective Communication: 

    Communication is the lifeblood of leadership.

    From articulating the organizational vision to providing constructive feedback, effective leaders master the art of communication.

    They listen actively, express ideas clearly, and adapt their communication style to resonate with diverse audiences, ensuring a shared understanding and alignment.

  4. Adaptability and Resilience: 

    Change is constant.

    Exceptional leaders embrace adaptability, navigating challenges with resilience.

    They view setbacks as opportunities for growth, learning from failures, and guiding their teams through turbulence with unwavering composure.

  5. Lead by Example: 

    Leadership extends beyond words; it's about embodying the values and behaviors expected from the team.

    Leading by example instills trust and credibility.

    Whether in times of triumph or adversity, a leader's actions speak louder than words.

    Setting the standard for excellence.

Avoiding Power Trips

There’s a difference between a leader and a dictator.

A one-way ticket to become a bad and unliked leader is to start abusing your power.

Leaders must recognize that authority is a tool for positive impact, not a license for unchecked control.

Staying humble, gathering perspectives of others, and accepting constructive criticism is the best way to avoid power trips.

Just don’t be an A**hole!

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— Andrew

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