Stop Wasting Time

Will you do it one day? Or will it be day one?

“One Day or Day One. You Decide.”

- Paulo Coelho

Parkinson’s Law

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

This is called Parkinson’s Law…

As a college student, I recognize that when I provide myself with an abundance of time and resources for an assignment, I tend to exhaust all the available time and resources.

Having a two-week window to complete an essay seems like a breeze. I didn't feel any urgency to start it for at least the first week. However, that initial week somehow compressed into just four days, and now I'm left with only one day.

But to be clear, even with just a single day left, I typically produce some of my best writing, and I usually end up with a great grade.

The main lesson here is that I initially had two weeks to complete the assignment, but I allowed it to linger over me until I finally decided to tackle it. Knowing that I could finish the essay in a single day, I should have started it on the first or second day after the assignment was given. This way, I wouldn't have anything hanging over my head now.

So, don’t do what I did!

There are 24 hours in a day…

If you can learn to compress time, you can get more done

A Mental Efficiency Boost

If you put limitations on yourself, it can significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

By setting boundaries and restrictions, you are able to drive your tempo and pace to new heights. It is essential to start implementing limitations in various aspects of your life, such as assignments and goals, as this will push you to reach your full potential.

Give yourself a hard deadline for completing tasks, and you will witness a remarkable improvement in your efficiency levels.

When you are working against the clock, the pressure will motivate you to work smarter and faster, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and success.

You’ll allow yourself to start utilizing every hour of the day. Many people aren’t in a hurry to reach their goals.

In my own view, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL to be driven and expedient in achieving your goals.

That's because, if you're not, there's a risk that a year or two down the road, you might find yourself in the exact same position you are today, with no discernible progress toward your goals – it's all talk, simply because you never set a deadline for yourself.


Will you do it one day? Or will it be day one?

The Assignment

For this week, I ask you all to write down a deadline for your tasks throughout the day, or even coming weeks.

Even your personal goals that have been lingering, write it out and get to it.

They may be long term, you can write out a plan for the coming months. This is a ‘weekly’ assignment but I hope this can be utilized for the foreseeable future.

Reply to me with a 👍️if you’ll be participating in this assignment and if comfortable, don’t be afraid to send me your progress during the week!

- The Perspective

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